“As a National Human Resources Manager with over 13 years experience in people management and Employee Relations, I have used the services of an ERP on many occasions.

I was introduced to Anastasia and Work Happy through previous employment. With their help and guidance we set up an ERP for training and implementation of various employee programs. This was a valuable resource to the team and enabled us to learn and grow as managers also.

When I moved to Hettich 12 months ago I had no hesitation in contacting Work Happy to assist me with our people and culture programs once again. I have found all the people I come into contact with at Work Happy to be extremely professional and knowledgeable. When consulting with Anastasia and Neri they have listened to the needs of the business and found affordable and practical solutions to enable us to implement programs that align with the culture and strategy of the business.


I have used Work Happy when recruiting for Emotional Intelligence testing of applicants. This service has enabled me to make informed decisions when recruiting. Neri ensures she has a good understanding of the requirements of the role and most certainly took the time to understand the company culture and direction. The testing is done quickly, efficiently and in a timely manner. Neri then takes the time to go through the testing and reiterating how their profiles fit into the business plans. This service is an invaluable resource, particularly for projects and management roles that require people management skills and leadership. EI testing also gives me a benchmark for future development of the applicant. With the results I can see their strengths and weaknesses from an unbiased source. Having undertaken this procedure in the recruiting process I would not go past Work Happy for the provision of this service.


I am very grateful for their expertise and willingness to take our business needs into consideration. I would highly recommend Work Happy for training, counselling, coaching, EI testing and training along with any other people management requirements.”

Audrey McDonald
National HR Manager


“I would highly recommend Work Happy corporate programs.  For the past two years Work Happy have been an invaluable resource for our organisation, providing Employee Assistance, Workplace Mediation, Manger Support and Staff Training.  Their counsellors have taken the time to understand our organisation, thus allowing them to provide a solutions based approach when addressing a broad range of issues faced in the workplace.  


Employee feedback and visible changes in behaviour, confirm that Work Happy counsellors have been incredibly effective in resolving both work-related and personal issues for our employees, with confidentiality assured.


It is clear that Work Happy have a passion for people and the work that they do.”  


Jackie Staples
Human Resources Director


Client’s Testimonials (all anonymous)


“Excellent service and motivating”


“Always provides the best advice on what steps I need to take to better service my clients. She is very patient, caring and non-judgemental”


“Work Happy service overall is effective and necessary”


“Awesome professional service. The counsellor is very informative and helpful”


“Engagement during the 2 sessions was comprehensive. Attempted to explore every area of potential problems and perspective were positive and as a result, I was able to speak and express myself freely”


“Was attentive, work through my issues”


“Very understanding and helpful”


“The counsellor is very good at what she does; she takes great pride in helping her clients in every way possible. From answering questions to giving advice”


“I found the counsellor very easy to talk and she gave some good advice”


“The counsellor was very open and understanding. I felt very relaxed talking to her, we laughed and talked well”


“She completely understands how and what I’ve been going through. Her advice is invaluable and I ALWAYS feel really comfortable and look forward to seeing her”


“The counsellor had suggestions and ideas for me that related to what I had talked about and has been helpful”


“Good to have someone to talk to”


“I feel good about the help and advice I got and understanding”


“I feel that the counsellor is a good listener and understanding person, and knows her job well”


“You pointed me in the right direction – my life has become more on track”


“In all the years that I have been on counselling, this is the section that has been clear to me and understanding to see my situation”


“He listened and cared. Felt better talking about my situation”


“I agreed with many of his thoughts and he helped me see them in another way”


“The counsellor was very helpful and he was excellent in understanding my issues”


“Because the counsellor was easy to talk to, very understanding and easy to relate to”


“I have learnt a lot about myself which I didn’t even know”


“Good understanding of anxiety disorders and how to control them. (counsellor) pushed boundaries when needed”


“Counsellor was very patient and thorough but very professional at the same time”