Employee Assistance Program

At Work Happy we are all about partnership. Which is why our EAP program offers more than 24/7 support. Our model is collaborative and focused on achieving effective sustainable results.


We believe the right EAP Program is not just about compliance, it has powerful business outcomes you’ll be happy to invest in;

  • Increased productivity
  • Performance
  • Higher engagement
  • Better retention rates
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced compensation claims

Research has shown the importance and power of having happy employees. However, there is also evidence that mental health issues are becoming more prevalent in workplaces.

Recent studies have shown that:

  • less than 20% of us are happy at work (Deloitte, 2013)
  • one in five Australians experience mental ill health in any given year (KPMG, 2018)
  • nearly one in six Australian employees experience a significant level of mental ill-health in a four-week period (Yu, S., Uni of Technology and Glozier, N., Uni of Sydney, 2017)
  • mental ill-health has been estimated to cost the economy almost $60 billion a year (Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, 2016)
  • the cost of workplace mental ill-health to Australia in 2015/2016 was 12.5 billion – $348M in direct costs from mental-health related workplace injuries, $2.6B in absenteeism, $9.9B in presenteeism (Yu, S., Uni of Technology and Glozier, N., Uni of Sydney, 2017)

As you can imagine, this has a significant impact, not only on the lives of those people, but the people they have relationships with and interact with. None of us live in a vacuum and the ripple effect is powerful.

At Work Happy we believe that having a happy workplace is not just a ‘good to have’, but a ‘must have’. Our services assist organisations in becoming more proactive rather than reactive in creating a positive impact.

Our Employee Assistance Program not only offers support when staff are going through challenging work and personal issues, but more importantly, offer proactive and preventative solutions to equip them to avoid or manage those situations.