Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence & Diagnostic Development

At Work Happy we offer a range of workplace and leadership Diagnostics and Development Strategies to support recruiting, retaining and accelerating and elevating your talent.

Work Happy’s Emotional Intelligence assessments can help

Hire and promote the right people

Create engaging and effective leaders

Take out the tension in retention

In order to inspire and lead, leaders must first understand and learn from their strengths and weaknesses. They start from understanding what, how and why you leverage your Emotional Intelligence skills.

Research demonstrates that emotional intelligence has a strong results driven impact on organisational performance. Indivuals with high EI are more effective leaders who drive productivity and team satisfaction.

Recruiting the right candidate or promoting the right leadership from within is key to building to a successful team and organisation

       ” Our emotional intelligence assessments help us to help you. “

Pave the way for more intelligent leaders, the recruitment of a more productive team and tailored development programs to bring out potential and find your rising stars.