Anxiety at Party-time

It’s summer! Bring on the warm weather, celebrations and good times and queue the anxiety.

Most of us have moments when were are shy or nervous about meeting new people or having to make conversation with people outside of our comfort zone. But when these nerves becoming overwhelming and affect your ability to socialise and attend celebrations is when its time to start looking at some coping skills.

Often those suffering from anxiety will experience, hot flushes, sweating, quickened pulse just to name a few.

Sometimes it helps to write down and identify the actual things that are causing you anxiety and see if you or someone you can trust can find small solutions to help you tackle each identified “issue”. For instance perhaps you are anxious about holding a conversation with people you barely know. The solution for this could be as simple as attend with a friend/partner who know this about you and is happy to take the lead in the conversations.

It also may help your nerves to have a back up plan. I know of someone who chooses to not drink alcohol at events, so that she can leave and drive home whenever she feels the need to. Simply knowing that she can hop in her car and head home to her comfort zone when she wants (and not waiting for her designated driver to be ready or taxi to arrive) gives her the comfort to relax and enjoy herself.

Like many things in life, any progress is big progress. The more you practice and the more you try little improvements the easier it will be next time.

Try to not give up and surrender to that horrible overwhelming feeling. There is help available and some great strategies, that with time and practice, can help you overcome and manage your anxieties.