We hear it a lot – “Work-life balance”, but what is it and how can you really achieve it.

We hear the term “Work-life balance” in interviews, read about it in exercise programs, and even see it on billboards and buses. It’s a term that has become as common and recommended as drinking 8 glasses of water each day. But what is Work-life balance and how can you really achieve it when your phone is connected to you every minute of the day and you have a million “To-Do’s before you head off for the weekend?

Firstly, lets re-establish that Work-Life Balance is defined by our ability to balance work life with commitments in our personal life. Life demands are things like; setting time aside to socialise, engaging in sports or exercise, spending time with children/family and making time for other personal demands.

It’s about learning how to best balance our lives and meet expectations.

Without balance, problems can surface such as

Finding it hard to concentrate or focus at work

Falling ill more often or for longer periods of time

Becoming more stressed and anxious

Trouble Sleeping

Encountering more than normal work place conflict

Not “handling” situations or conflicts as well as you have done in the past

Relationship strain

Short-tempered, feeling overwhelmed

Anger, resentment, frustration

For some, work-life balance comes easily or even naturally, for others it is hard to find “time” to actually look at their “work-life mix” and find ways to improve it. Here are some tips and ideas to try and implement into your life. Remember that any improvement is an improvement in the right direction – be kind to yourself.

Set limits on technology – Minimise the time you spend on your work smart phone/emails after hours. Set yourself a daily alarm to remind you to “disconnect” from technology

Be present – when you’re at home, be at home, and when you are at work be at work.

Set clear boundaries in your life – sit down and make a list of what you are willing to do in work and in life. This will help you say no to the things that waste time.

Speak with your manager about the possibility of flexible hours

Spend time with friends. Its amazing how a coffee or a casual drink with your friends will lift your spirits, and ground you at the same time. Laughter as we all know releases “happy hormones” which in turn make you feel good and able to focus better. So it’s a win-win.

Make it clear in your mind your values and stick to them. i.e. Family = Time with family. Don’t compromise time with your family, set clear boundaries around that and stick to it!

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