YOU ARE SO AMAZING! World Compliment Day 2018


 World Compliment Day is a day where individuals and organisations are encouraged to give positive feedback and compliments to others. 

From a company perspective, it’s a prime opportunity for you to show recognition and appreciation to your team and staff.

 Research shows that Recognition has a physiological impact on performance.

Oxytocin is the well-known “love hormone.” Our bodies create Oxytocin when we feel loved or appreciated (even shaking someone’s hand or giving them a hug creates this hormone). Recent research shows that people who work under the influence of Oxytocin perform better and are more trustworthy at work.

By embracing this thinking within your organisations and people start thanking each other, trust and engagement go up – improving employee morale, quality, and customer service.

Recognition is not only something executives should do – it should take place throughout the organisation. The research clearly shows that top-down recognition is not what makes companies thrive today – it’s recognition by your peers, the people you work with every day.

Therefore today, we encourage you to participate in World Compliment Day.

You can do this in any form; however here are some easy suggestions;

  • Give compliments, verbally, by email, or in a card.
  • Encourage staff to give compliments to each other
  • Set 5 minutes aside in a meeting agenda to relay positive feedback and compliments
  • Take photo’s of compliments and post on social media using  handles and hashtags (#complimentday)

Reference: Josh Berin- Forbes Magazine

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