How Meditation can work for you

The modern world is an online world and having breaks away from technology actually helps our brains, eyes and our souls!
When was the last time you went for a walk in nature?… (and decided not to take a picture and post it on Facebook and Instagram).
Meditation is even more important nowadays as it has been since the time of Buddha. Slowing down, focusing on breathing and being genuinely grateful for even 5 minutes a day has been proven to be beneficial.

Meditation offers numerous health benefits – both physical and spiritual. Meditation has immediate benefits and can be done anywhere, anytime and at any place.
Meditation is not as complicated as many believe it to be. It can be as simple as paying attention to your breathing whilst sitting on the train, car, or sitting at a coffee shop or at your desk at work. It doesn’t need to be a long drawn out process either, it can be just one or two minutes if you are busy. You just need to make it fit into your life.

First and foremost, meditation is known to reduce stress and help you relax. By reducing stress you can both feel better physically and look more relaxed. In addition, regular meditation can;
• Relieve stress
• Help you to relax
• mindfulness helps you to change habits, live slowly, be present in everything that you do and savour the moment you are in
• have multiple mental benefits such as; improved focus, memory control, self-control, academic performance and increased happiness
• Increase health benefits such as improved metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure and more

Spiritually, regular meditation increases your self-awareness and your emotional well- being making it easier to deal with life’s challenges. Meditation can also teach you patience and can assist you with focusing your attention for longer periods of time.
Meditation has immediate benefits and can be done anywhere, anytime and at any place.

How to do it daily
The biggest challenge will be to form a daily habit. The method below from Zen habits is a simple one so that it is easier to commit to it

1. Commit to just 2 minutes a day: starting simply with a small amount of time will make it easier to commit to this practice every day.
2. Pick a time and trigger: a general time like morning or before bed is a good start. The trigger can be something you do regularly, like after you brush your teeth at night before hopping into bed.
3. Find a quiet spot: It doesn’t matter where , all that is important is that it’s quiet and you are comfortable in that spot away from noise and distractions. Switch your phone to silent, and close the door to eliminate all distractions.
4. Sit comfortably: sit on a pillow or the floor, you can lean on a wall if that is easier. You can sit on a couch or a chair if that is more comfortable.
5. Start with 2 minutes on a timer: This is really important. We need to start with small time frames as we are building a habit. You can expand your time when you see that you are able to get through the 2 minutes easily. Increase your time by small increments every week, till you can get this time up to 20 minutes a time.
6. Focus on your breathing: Breathe in through your nose, then throat, then into your lungs and belly. Sit straight, keep your eyes open but look at the ground and with a soft focus. You can close your eyes if you prefer. If your mind starts to wonder, bring it back gently to your breathing. Repeat this process for a few minutes. It will be difficult at the beginning, but with time, you will better.

This is a very simple practice, that starts off at just 2 minutes a day. Once you have practiced a little bit and you are comfortable, you can use this to assist you when feeling stressed, are overwhelmed with thoughts, when you eat, wash you dishes etc.

Research has shown that regular meditation greatly reduces stress which has a very positive outcome on our skin. There has been photographic proof that meditation can improve your looks. As soon as stress is reduced our skin will look better since chronic stress leads to inflammation in the body.

When we reduce stress in our lives, sleep well, and feel good physically our life will feel less stressful. One way to help our bodies, our health, and our skin to look its best is to meditate!

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