What the F*&$ is all that noise?!

It’s really interesting connecting with people in our line of work and the first thing they flag is, “I just can’t think, I just can’t focus, I just can’t sleep!

I’m always intrigued and ask the question “What’s all the noise about?”  Initially, it takes time for people to determine what it’s all about, but after some time, they come to realise that the noise resembles an annoying bee buzzing around in their head 24/7.  That very annoying buzzing – also known as mental clutter – is what’s affecting their very ability to focus, think and even sleep.  

As humans, we can sail through life on a good wicket for a reasonable period of time only to realise at some stage that our internal processor just isn’t working at the speed and clarity that we’re used to it processing at.  This is a strong indicator that there is just too much life stuff building up.

Mental clutter leads to overcrowding our inner world – our mind.  It can lead to us not being able to think clearly or focus on what really matters, and it can also affect our ability to make appropriate decisions.

So what can we do about it?

  • The first and most critical step is acknowledging that it is there.  When we tend to brush things aside, they have a way of coming back to let us know that there is a challenge.  When we acknowledge the issue, we can better deal with it.
  • The second step is to make a conscious choice to start unpacking it.  It’s like peeling an onion layer by layer.  Externalising can consist of getting it out of your head and onto paper, journaling or mind mapping are great for these. 
  • Talking it out with someone you trust and respect in a safe space can also be very powerful.  Once you can start externalising and start emptying some of that noise out of your mind, then you start making room in there for the noise to start quieting down and slowing down.
  • Let go of the past.  Most people keep a large file in their mind full of mistakes they’ve made, people they’ve hurt, or people that have hurt them, past grievances, missed opportunities etc.  Take time to go through that file, and discard memories of the past that are not serving you now.  In other words, let it go!
  • Limit the amount of information you absorb on a daily basis.  In today’s highly technological world, we have a plethora of incoming information that just adds to the mental clutter in our brain.  Limit the amount of information that comes in and create space in your brain by limiting the amount of time you spend on social media or browsing the net, choose carefully the information that you allow into your conscious mind, unsubscribe from any blogs or magazine subscriptions that do not contribute to your wellbeing and make sure the opinions you pay attention to come from credible sources.
  • Prioritise your tasks.  An endless to do list will create a high level of brain clutter.  We can’t do it all, and the sooner we can accept that the better it’s going to be for us. Choose to focus on the tasks that are most important for you.  Create a priority list with an associated time component.  Anything else can be delegated to someone else.
  • Meditation.  Not just a popular word, meditation helps us to concentrate on the present moment (such as our breathing).  When we learn to focus only on one thing, it allows our brain to take a rest and our thoughts to disappear for a short time. It’s like rebooting our brain.   Marcia Reynolds, Psy.D. stated: “You have to empty your brain to control your mind. When you clear the space, you more easily control what comes in. For a period of time, you choose what you see, feel and think. You’re free to plunge into the present.”  So, let’s try and aim for at least 10 minutes of meditation per day to get that clarity and control back.

By doing some of the above, you will start to get rid of the fluffy noise that isn’t an important focal area of your life right now.  By doing this you have taken a sense of control back over your mind, you are aware of the top key focal areas in your life that are having the biggest impact and then making a conscious choice as to what to do with each of those areas.

So start the process to silence that noise, create some mind space and start regaining some control of the key aspects of your life.  You will thank yourself for it and connect yourself back to thinking, focusing and sleeping in a positive way 😊.  If you or anyone you know needs some help with mental clutter and how to take control back over your racing mind, please get in contact with one of our team at www.pureinsights.com.au or you can phone us on 1300 796 640.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” ~Victor Frankl

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