Happiness Culture in the Workplace

How many of you look forward to Monday morning…the start of the work week for most people?

Why is Facebook full of funny images that reflect people’s feelings about going back to work on a Monday morning?

Why is the pursuit of happiness at work, for some people, almost a futile endeavour?

Research has shown that when employees are happy, they are more engaged and more productive. Granted, that at the end of the day, happiness is an ‘inside job’…it is a person’s decision to develop and keep a happy mindset and a happy disposition. Nevertheless, organisations can do so much to assist by providing an environment that is conducive for people to thrive…where they are empowered, where their contribution is valued, where their skills and experiences are harnessed and further developed, where their creativity is encouraged.

The amazing thing is that creating such an environment is not as complex as many organisations seem to believe, nor does it require great expense.

Some things that organisations can do to achieve a ‘happy culture’:

On boarding Stage:

·         Be very clear about what the organisation’s ‘why’ is.

·         Recruit executives and managers whose own values align with that ‘why’; who truly understand, able to espouse and promote that ‘why’.

·         Recruit staff who also align with that ‘why’ and support it fully.

·         Clarify expectations at the outset.

Day to Day:

·         Have clear and open lines of communication.

·         Be transparent.

·         Help employees be valued…encourage and offer praise when appropriate.

·         Get people involved…ask for input and contribution of ideas.

·         Celebrate every success, regardless of how big or small.

·         Encourage collaboration.

·         Implement and promote health and wellbeing initiatives, including naps, games, exercises.

·         Have fun!

Always… celebrate each one’s ‘humanity’…accept and acknowledge that each person is a unique individual whose dignity needs to be respected at all times!  We’d love to hear about how you encourage happiness in your workplace.  Comment below to let us know.

In the pursuit of happiness you will become free from stress and worry.
The art of happiness is to be content with what you have and with what you don’t have.
Happiness allows the mind to nurture the positive qualities in the self and others.
Happiness allows the sparkle of the mind to touch the heart of others.

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