Ice users returning back to work

Alarmist media campaigns have left the impression on so many that ice use is so damning, that no one can do anything about it.

Recovery IS possible and it’s our moral obligation to ensure that this message is spread to all who need assistance.

It is well known that employment can have positive psychological and social effects on recovery from ice amphetamines users.  Partaking in a job often helps drug users on the road to recovery and supports users to reintegrate into a normal daily life – although it can be a barrier to employment initially.  Many times, when users are recovering, there may be incidents where they feel victimised to illegal discrimination, especially if their work colleagues are aware of the reality of their situation.  They may also feel discriminated against if they are denied employment or treated differently because of their past or current use.

Many drug users feel isolated and paranoid and may start to detach themselves from friends, family and employment.  But to be able to continue on with the normality of day to day life, it is very important that they integrate themselves with some form of employment, as it will create the foundation for transitioning into a daily routine to feel important, and to have a purpose or something to look forward to on a daily basis.

Where to start? 

Often the question of where to begin will arise.  It is important to acknowledge that it may not be possible to return to a full time job after an addiction, so it may be better to look for a transitional job such as a gap job.

What is a Gap Job? 

A gap job is a pathway or way through, that supports your transitioning back to full time employment by taking any job relevant to your skills or learn new skills.  A great starting point for learning a broad range of skills could be McDonalds, Cleaning, Telemarketing or anything that you would not usually do to keep you occupied on a casual or part time basis.  This small step will assist you in making money, keeping you occupied so that you do not fall back into unhealthy life style patterns, and prepare you to become reintegrated in the workforce for the future. The benefit of a gap job, is that we become more employable when we are already working and can show commitment and loyalty (even if it is on a part time basis).

Gap jobs can be found via networking, word of mouth, churches, community groups, participating in work experience programs, friends and family, volunteering, cold calling local businesses and recruitment companies.  It is a good idea to follow up with employers regularly to build confidence and show enthusiasm.

Recovery will have some speed bumps, you may find that you will try and fail time and time again.  However, take small steps and surround yourself with loving and supportive people.  Do not feel discouraged, it is simply a process that may take a few attempts.  Simply continue down your recovery path.  It may seem difficult in the beginning, but with a little goal setting and planning, everyday will become a little more positive.  And with a positive mind set comes happiness.  Believe in yourself and that you deserve to be happy.

If you or someone you know, need someone to talk to please feel free to contact a counsellor at lifeline on 13 11 14 or the family drug support line on 1300 368 186.  Our team at Pure Insights would also be happy to assist if you require any further help.

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