Happiness in the Workplace


A survey last year from the Australian Psychological Society noted that almost 1 in 2 people report workplace issues as a source of personal stress. The pursuit of true happiness is an important issue in the workplace and the smart move for an organisation looking to improve employee engagement would be to think about Bringing Happy Back.

Some other findings* from the survey:
• Only half the workforce feel appreciated
• 40% of Australians reported having insufficient opportunities for learning and development
• Working Australians reported significantly lower overall workplace wellbeing compared with workers in Europe.

Having a genuine conversation with the team about how happy they are in the workplace, actively listening and creating a conversation is a great place to start. Start with the purpose of why do it? It is one of the most powerfully engaging things that any member of your team can be offered. Higher engaged team members brings many benefits to the organisation including performance improvements, but what’s more, Bringing Happy Back is part of a movement working to make the workplace a whole less unhappy, more enthusiastic and energetic, and passionate about what they do and who they are.

Increasing happiness in the workplace is a productivity goldmine with an estimate in excess of $300 billion plus in productivity gains across Australia. Research supports that happier employees are in themselves more successful, creative when approaching challenges and they contribute to your bottom line.

Happiness is one of the most basic pursuits of humans today. If we prioritise Happiness in our work lives as we do in our personal lives, employees and organisations can reach new levels of organisational effectiveness, productivity and positive cultural change.

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