Getting the Balance Right

We spend almost 100,000 hours at work, taking up around 1/3 of our waking life. This amount of time is often spent under pressure and challenges. And it does not stop there. Some people bring work home, think about work or are concerned with the amount of unfinished work, causing them to suffer from stress-related health conditions and hence affecting their performance. It can be a vicious cycle that does not stop.

To break the cycle, creating a personal plan to manage your work-life balance is important, as each individual has their own ways of dealing and coping with stressors. We recommend some simple steps that you can take towards getting your balance right.


Each of us responds differently to work-life stressors and balance. Some of these aspects might be more important for one and less for others.  Having a different balance takes some time to discover with experiences and self-reflection.  Take a look at the wheels of balance and see which ones stand out for you, that you feel need further review and development.



Be aware of your own imbalance symptoms to prevent the pathway to burnout. Look out for:

  • Workload and responsibilities
  • Inefficient time management skills
  • Lack of assertiveness
  • Constant exposure to stressors and negativity
  • Unexpected traumatic events
  • Lack of motivation

Getting your own balance right might take some time and once you nail it, the benefits could be substantial to your mental and physical health, and above all, your HAPPINESS.

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