Making Change Stick

Sounds easy… we adapt to changes in our workplace, because let’s face it, change is constant, it’s about sustainability and building a workforce that is adaptable and resilient in the face of change.

We are all responsible for making change stick once we have all bought into it.  There are many tips to making change stick, but here are a few that we feel are relevant in the face of change and Brining Happy Back.

As the Change Champion you need to sell the change and make it relevant to the audience who need to change, that way you will get early adopters to change who will start to create the movement for change in your organisation.  Part of the Change Champions role is to make sure people not only know where you’re going, but that they also understand why they are going there.  It’s the old WIIFM factor – What’s in it for Me? Why does this change matter? Why does it lead to something positive?  A compelling story about the WHY, brings people on the journey with you.

Whilst you are at painting the compelling story, make sure the picture is a picture of success.  Have you ever wanted to join a losing team?  Your picture needs to assure your people what success looks like and what the outcome will be.  Paint the before picture and the after picture and talk to it, draw it, and keep engagement amongst your Leadership team.

Spend time with your team working on how together you are going to make change permanent.  What do you need to make it stick, and get buy in on how you will measure the change and the return on the investment?  Your leadership team matters during times of change, so when their focus shifts so will those who follow them.  Engage, Engage, Engage is the key.

Finally, don’t underestimate the energy levels required to maintain change, and make sure you celebrate those small and big wins.  Take a day off from change but get right back into the day after.  When you start to see a lull in your progress, shake up the project team and think of new ways to keep momentum building.  Keep your progress visual to keep engagement on change moving.

Give the impact of change on your people and your business the focus it deserves, and it will stick.