SLEEP WELL during the Colder Months….Z Z Z z z

Sleep is vital to the body and the minds restoration. Having a good sleep at night, especially in winter, helps to refresh your energy for you to tackle the day ahead.

Here are some tips to consider to assist you with better sleep in these colder months:

Make sure you slow down on your drinking and food intake and allow time to relax before heading to bed – the more you eat and drink, the more your body has to work its metabolism. Avoid having high energy food and drink intakes prior to sleeping so that you can set the mood and a relaxed environment before you head to your beauty sleep

Dim or turn off lights – your bedroom should not have bright light when you are ready for sleep, especially those from technologies such as TV, laptops, mobile phones. Exposure to bright light prior to or during sleep interferes with the production of our natural sleeping hormone, melatonin, which is critical to our sleep duration.

Limit technology in the bedroom – blue light emission from technologies especially, reduce melatonin production, causing increased sleeping difficulties and more daytime drowsiness. Make sure you turn your technologies off an hour before bedtime.

Turn on heaters to keep the room temperature right and moderate amounts of clothing when going to bed – too cold or too hot interferes with your body temperature regulation, hence, your sleep quality.

Head to bed early so you can buffer easier in the morning – waking up in winter can be difficult even if you have a good routine set-up. Rather than pushing to do things at night before you go to sleep, why not organise those things first things in the morning? In order to do so, make sure you have plenty of rest early in the night so that once your biological clock kicks in the next morning, you can immediately get up and start your day fresh with your organised to-do list, something to look forward to.

Winter blues can creep up on you very easily without any notice. A good routine for sleep can really push you forward with getting out of the blues. Your beauty sleep deserves some attention this winter, in order for you to bring some happy back.

Z Z Z Z  z z z z z z z